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We create immersive and engaging experiences for users in the world of blockchain and Web3.


We offer specialized services in creating unique Web3 experiences that connect the digital world with the real one. Our team of expert developers and designers is equipped with the tools and knowledge to seamlessly integrate Web3 technology into your operations, providing a bridge between your brand and your customers in the decentralized digital world. The emergence of Web3 has opened up new opportunities to create interactive, personalized, and secure experiences for users. Whether you're looking to introduce real-life activations through digital tokens, create physical products with claimable collectibles or certificates of authenticity, stand-up token gated e-commerce offerings or build a community around your brand using blockchain technology, we're here to help.

Our Expertise

At Metaseed Labs, our expertise lies in architecting immersive web3 experiences, bridging the gap between traditional digital interactions and the decentralized future.

  • Seamless Web3 Integration: Our team is adept at intertwining the real-world with the digital, leveraging Web3 to bridge your brand and the decentralized audience.
  • IRL Web3 Activations: Specializing in real-life experiences enhanced by Web3, be it through collectible claims or innovative Web3-centric loyalty systems.
  • AR/VR Innovations: Creating next-gen Augmented and Virtual Reality environments, infused with Web3 functionalities, offering users a holistic digital immersion.
  • NFC-Driven Authenticity: Pioneering physical products with NFC capabilities, allowing for Web3-based collectible claims or certificates of authenticity, enhancing tangible value.
  • Exclusivity through Token Gating: Designing premium e-commerce platforms and exclusive real-life events, where access and interactions are token-gated, promoting unique brand experiences.

Common Use Cases

  • Digital Token Activations: Introducing real-world events or experiences where participation or access is granted through unique digital tokens.
  • Web3 Collectibles: Enhancing physical products with an option to claim corresponding digital collectibles or certificates, ensuring authenticity and added value.
  • Token-Gated E-commerce: Developing specialized online shopping platforms where specific products or experiences are unlocked only through token possession.
  • Elevated Experiences: Creating unique and exclusive micro-experiences as part of broader public event for holders of your tokens.
  • Exclusive Event Access: Curating events like music festivals, concerts, or sports activities where entry or exclusive perks are facilitated through NFTs or specific token holdings

Web3 Experiences
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Our Clients Love Us

The Metaseed team consistently delivers enterprise quality at speed for web3 projects that push the industry forward. They are a trusted partner for Crossmint, and we can rely on them as thought partners to execute for our clients.

Nischay Upadhyayula

The Metaseed team has been nothing short of incredible to work with. We were fortunate to work together on our genesis collection and their ability to execute our exact vision on a tight timeline was second-to-none. Their expansive knowledge of on-chain possibilities combined with their understanding of music and media have made them the ideal partner for us. The L3MON team can’t wait to work with Metaseed again.

Toni Sudimac
Lyrical Lemonade

Creating your first NFT projects demands trust, respect, transparency, and patience. We, the Letters team, we’re extremely lucky enough to be connected to Metaseed through mutual communities. Metaseed helped steady the ship in preparation for our launch whilst also delivering inside a tight time frame. We greatly appreciate the help, support, and guidance from the Metaseed team and hope to work together again.

Vinnie Hager

The Alien Frens collection owes much of its success to this incredible team. They have brought our vision to life with their advanced coding skills, creating an engaging and interactive platform that has captivated the hearts and minds of crypto enthusiasts all over the world. To anyone considering working with this exceptional team, we highly recommend them. They are not just skilled developers, but also passionate and dedicated individuals who truly care about their clients' success.

Sean Herron
Alien Frens

It's so easy to feel lost in Web3. The tech is nuanced and the space is ever-changing. The most important thing is to find a team that understands your vision, fosters creativity, and embraces the challenges that come with innovation.  This is why I recommend Metaseed Labs to every creator I work with. They are knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Simply put, they are the best.

Tristian Friedman

The NFT space isn’t always forgiving. Luckily Metaseed provides a level of service that can’t be bought…professionalism, attention to detail, and perhaps most important, peace of mind. I can’t thank them enough for their love and continued support.

Matt Goldstein

The team at Metaseed Labs has shown unparalleled dedication in creating a platform that empowers the disability community, blending complex technology with an intuitive interface. They've exceeded expectations in understanding our cause and translating it into a tool that encourages exploration, sharing, and accessibility.

Brandon Winfield
iAccess Life