Letters by Vinnie Hager

Vinnie Hager

About the Artist

Vinnie Hager (b. 1996) is an American artist and designer who lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. He received his Associates Degree in Visual Design from Anne Arundel Community College in 2016 and has since gone on to study at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. He is currently projected to graduate with his Bachelor's Degree in General Fine Arts with a Curatorial Studies minor in Spring of 2021. Vinnie has exhibited work in group shows at Artspace Gallery (Richmond, VA), Washington County Museum of Fine Art (Hagerstown, MD), Circle Gallery (Annapolis, MD), Terrault Gallery (Baltimore, MD).


Letters is Vinnie Hager’s genesis NFT collection which consists of 1000 hand illustrated 1 of 1 pieces. These 1000 pieces are uniquely titled and will fall under a rarity chart, with the top 10 rarest pieces being special color palettes and animated works. Collectors of these genesis ‘Letters’ will have future utility in regards to subsequent drops, in person events, physical and digital airdrops, and art across all mediums.


Many members of the NFT community have started to use “Letters” as a background for their existing profile pictures. This phenomenon that has taken over twitter and discord shows that collectors of Vinnie’s project have strong connection to this project and superimposing your Cool Cat, Doodle, AlienFren or whatever your favorite pfp is over your Letter has become a right of passage in the space.

All 1000 Letters were minted within 24 hours of the initial sale.

83% of Letters were minted by presale addresses 

Letters has done $3.3M (831 ETH) in secondary sales

“Creating your first NFT projects demands trust, respect, transparency, and patience. We, the Letters team, were extremely lucky enough to be connected to Metaseed through mutual communities. Metaseed helped steady the ship in preparation for our launch whilst also delivering inside a tight time frame. We greatly appreciate the help, support, and guidance from the Metaseed team and hope to work together again. “ - Vinnie

Keep up with Vinnie

Website: https://www.vinniehager.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vinniehager

Discord: https://discord.gg/488rNCvmjF

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/letters-by-vinnie-hager

Metaseed Technologies Responsibilities

Metadata Consultation

Assisted with the proper formatting of metadata so that the traits of each individual token could be recognized by OpenSea.

SmartContract Development

Developed a smart contract for the collection including a pre-sale purchaseAllowList function that allowed the team to hand select 1000 addresses that would be allowed to mint the project. The project was deliberately structured with a limited supply and rolled out in a way that would maximize wallet distribution at inception.

IPFS Hosting

Executed hosting all artwork and metadata on IPFS and tying the smart contract to this hosted metadata so that each token was linked to its respective metadata and artwork.

Mint Page

Front-end development of a minting page that connects to smart contract.

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