Tornado Toad

Tornado Toad is a freelance animator and director from Melbourne, Australia. He currently runs an animation production studio named Chop Studio.

What is Gunslingers?

These here Gunslingers are a gang of 7,777 hootin hollerin' little cowboys surviving out in a small town in the Wild West (the Ethereum blockchain).

Gunslingers are programatically generated from over 400 hand drawn traits, each with their own unique outfit, hat, accessories and weapons.

​The Gunslinger community will continue to grow, with future artist collaborations already underway, as well as a metaverse town, companions for each Gunslinger, duels and treasure hunts...

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Metaseed Labs Responsibilities

Metadata Consultation

Assisted with the generation of the metadata using proper formatting of metadata so that the traits of each individual token could be recognized by OpenSea.

SmartContract Development

Developed a smart contract for the collection including a pre-sale purchaseAllowList function that allowed the team to give 500+ addresses the ability to mint the project ahead early, awarding early adopters.

IPFS Hosting

Executed hosting all artwork and metadata on IPFS and tying the smart contract to this hosted metadata so that each token was linked to its respective metadata and artwork.

Mint Page

Front-end development of a custom minting page that connects to smart contract.

Custom PFP Cropping DApp

Front-end development of a dApp that allowed token holders to connect their wallet and generate zoomed in versions of their Gunslinger that were better suited for profile pictures on platforms like Twitter and Discord.

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