How to purchase Polygon NFTs on OpenSea

What is Polygon (Matic)?

What is Polygon (Matic)?

“Polygon, previously known as MATIC network, is an interchain scalability solution that gives an infrastructure for creating blockchain networks that can interface with each other. It intends to bring the adaptability and scalability of alt chains along with Ethereum’s security, liquidity, and interoperability.”

Ethereum ($ETH) continues to be the most effectively utilized blockchain globally, especially in the NFT space. As an open-source, decentralized blockchain, it offers smart contracts as a POS (Proof-of-Stake) framework.

However Ethereum’s fast adoption has resulted in excessive and prohibitive costs where in many cases charges often cost more than the value of transferred sum, especially in cases of minting NFT’s. This is because Ethereum has a great measure of clients using the network, which remarkably brings down exchange scalability. We feel that this prohibitive byproduct will eventually lead to the NFT ecosystem reaching a point of congestion that makes it practically unusable to the average collector.

Polygon (MATIC) is one solution that can be used resolve these issues and it is already being supported by OpenSea. Polygon clients utilize the MATIC side-chain to execute and cooperate with different Ethereum-based decentralized apps. Many users enjoy using Polygon for its extremely low gas fees, with transaction fees cheaper than $0.001 and rapid transaction speeds. NO GAS WARS and NO LOSING GAS ON MINT DAY.

Setting up Metamask for Polygon (Matic Network)

1. Visit and click “Connect to a wallet”

2. Select your “MetaMask” wallet

3. Click “Switch to Matic”

4. Approve QuickSwap to add network to your MetaMask

5. Approve QuickSwap to switch your MetaMask network to the Polygon MainNet Network

6. Connect your MetaMask Wallet to QuickSwap

How to Mint a Polygon Based NFT

  1. Purchase Matic from an exchange. Remember that you need Matic from Matic mainnet to mint Matic NFT’s. Many exchanges such as only offer Matic on Ethereum mainnet as an ERC-20 token. You can purchase Matic on the Matic chain via (no KYC required) or
  2. An alternative is to use a tool like the Matic bridge to transfer funds from ETH chain to Matic Chain (
  3. Send Polygon (Matic) to your MetaMask address from any exchange and you are now ready to mint Polygon NFT’s from the Mint page of any project you are interested in.

Updating Matic RPC in your MetaMask Settings

1. The Polygon (Matic) team recommends using this new aggregated RPC link to avoid RPC disconnects:

2. To update this RPC in your MetaMask, click your account avatar in the top right corner of your MetaMask

3. Next click “settings”

4. Next click “Networks” and scroll down to the “Matic Network”

5. Finally type “” into the New RPC URL and ensure all the other fields match the screenshot below.

How to Buy/Sell Polygon Based NFTs on OpenSea

1. The first step is to add the Wrapped ETH token to your wallet on MetaMask.

2. Next add this contract address “0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619” and click “Next”

3. Finally click “Add Tokens”

4. Next step is to swap your Matic for the wrapped ETH on the Matic Network (We recommend using Quickswap for this)

5. Head to OpenSea. To find items on Polygon, make sure to check “Polygon” under the “Chains” section on the left panel when browsing NFT assets.

Polygon items can be identified by the purple hexagon, Polygon’s logo, on the lower left corner of each NFT item.

6. Buying NFTs on Polygon is just like buying NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet. Once you’ve found your item, click on the big blue “Buy Now” button.

7. If this is your first time purchasing an item on Polygon, you’ll be asked to unlock Polygon trading on your wallet. This only needs to be done once.

8. Once you’ve signed the unlocking transactions, your NFT purchase should be processed quickly!

Congrats! You’ve just purchased your first NFT on Polygon.

Support Our Projects

The teams behind “Acid Dragons” and “Turtle Time” are part of a larger collective called metaseed that is working toward making NFT space more accessible to everyone. This includes Artists who may not have the technical skills to mint a collection and collectors who may not have the liquidity to participate in “gas wars” on the Ethereum blockchain. We are BIG believers in the utility and opportunities presented by NFT’s. The use cases for NFT’s span FAR beyond collecting digital art. In order for this amazing technology to reach a level of widespread adoption it is important that the community of creators, collectors, builders and developers make decisions as a community to adopt use cases and solutions that improve market efficiencies and improve the user experience as a whole for

More about “Acid Dragons”

Acid Dragons is a generative NFT project consisting of 4,000 of 40 million+ combinations of the trippiest randomized dragons, incorporating elements of ancient cultures and mysticism.

Launch Date: 9/12/2021 at 7:30 PM EST

Price: FREE, Just pay for gas.

You can use this website to get enough $MATIC to cover gas for FREE:




Check out “Turtle Time”collection

Turtle Time was launched as a FREE mint on the Polygon network and has done 2 ETH in volume on the secondary just 48 hours after its release. This project minted in an hour with minimal mint cost to the collectors. Turtle Time NFT is a social experiment for the NFT community. As creators, the team chose to remove two major barriers for our potential collectors, one being a pricey mint fee and two being subjecting our early adopters to exorbitant gas fees and risk of losing gas on failed transactions. The Turtle Time Team is hoping to show that by prioritizing the collector experience, you can organically grow a community, share your art freely, and still create a profitable collection experience for creators and collectors alike.




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