Alien Frens NFT Completes Over $5 Million in Transactions in First Week

Alien Frens NFT project, launched by Mason Crowe with the help of Metaseed, has now done over $5 million in secondary sales on OpenSea.

About the Project

Alien Frens is a community driven collection of 10k randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to build the biggest group of frens in the Metaverse. For an accessible price of 0.02 ETH you receive 1 Alien Fren NFT that provides you not only an awesome PFP and a lifelong frenship with 10k other Frens, but a ticket to our IRL events, Invasions, Exclusive Merch, Comic Books, and the $FRENS Token.

Incredible Growth

Upon an extremely fast sellout and powerful presale, the Alien Frens NFT project has seen explosive growth. With celebrities such as Gary Vee jumping in to support the project by buying one of the rare NFTs for approximately $31,000, as well as 40 other NFTs in the collection, the bottom floor price has experienced continued rising action. Metaseed Labs, with lead developer Autopixel were proud to take part in this journey with the help of the image generation, smart contract, mint sites, technical logistics, and will continue to support the creator Mason Crowe with continued roadmap items as needed.

What's Next?

The project has an extensive roadmap where the project will push for the continuation of creating value. The project is also having an LA in-person meetup January 15th where people can build on their online friendships in real life. For more information be sure to follow Alien Frens on all social media.





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