Case Study

Generative NFT Collection Drawing from 12 Diverse Aesthetic Categories and Randomly Chosen Colorways


"Diary" stands as an intimate artistic endeavor by Vinnie Hager that seamlessly blends personal emotion, creativity, and digital innovation. Comprising a selection of 100 unique drawings, the collection resonates with Hager's diverse experiences over a span of seven tumultuous years. With the ambition to offer both digital and tangible versions of this intimate repertoire, Hager collaborated with Creature Labs, seeking to bring forth an exceptional NFT collection that tells a story while integrating the nuances of generative art.

Generative NFT Collection Drawing from 12 Diverse Aesthetic Categories and Randomly Chosen Colorways

The Challenge

Authentic Storytelling: Converting a deeply personal journey into a tangible collection required a sensitive approach. Ensuring that the story behind each drawing remained intact while making it accessible to the public was paramount.

Categorization Complexity: With the plethora of visual styles embodied in the 12 categories, devising an intuitive and meaningful categorization system was crucial. This posed the challenge of maintaining the integrity of each artwork while encapsulating them into broader themes.

Melding Traditional with Digital: Bridging the gap between personal hand-drawn illustrations and the digital realm of NFTs required a methodical approach, ensuring the essence of the original work was preserved.

How we solved the problem

Generative NFT Collection Drawing from 12 Diverse Aesthetic Categories and Randomly Chosen Colorways

The Solution

Collaborative Synergy: To maintain the authenticity of his journey, Hager sought insights from trusted friends and fellow artists. This collective feedback acted as a compass, guiding the curation and presentation of his visual tales.

Thematic Structuring with Generative Art: Joining forces with Danny Cole of Creature World unlocked the potential of generative art for Hager's collection. The 100 drawings were meticulously categorized into 12 visual styles - from bold patterned lines, varied media elements, poignant portraits, to pieces rich in textual content and dates. This not only provided structure but also infused a unique digital artistry to the traditional sketches. This also included deconstructing Vinnie's works into various combinations of layers that would allow for the generative code that we wrote to systematically decide how many colors would be represented in each work, randomly select a color palette for the work, randomly select which colors based on the number of colors previously determined and apply those colors as masks to the existing layers before constructing and exporting the final image and its respective metadata.

A Dual Offering: To cater to the diverse preferences of art enthusiasts, minters were presented with digital NFTs that could eventually be used to claim a physical versions of the drawings. This allowed for a wider reach, appealing to traditional art collectors and the burgeoning NFT community alike.

Client testimonial

"Creating your first NFT projects demands trust, respect, transparency, and patience. We, the Letters team, we’re extremely lucky enough to be connected to Metaseed through mutual communities. Metaseed helped steady the ship in preparation for our launch whilst also delivering inside a tight time frame. We greatly appreciate the help, support, and guidance from the Metaseed team and hope to work together again."

Vinnie Hager