Case Study

Helping Lyrical Lemonade Bring Rap to Web3 while Staying True to their DIY Independent Roots


In the realm of hip-hop, Lyrical Lemonade stands tall as an independent powerhouse, renowned for their unrivaled creativity, boundary-pushing music videos, and their ability to disrupt the music industry. When they decided to venture into the exciting world of Web3, they turned to our agency to help them navigate this new terrain while preserving their independent spirit. This case study explores how we assisted Lyrical Lemonade in launching their groundbreaking Carton NFT, a gateway to exclusive experiences that allowed them to interact intimately with their fans. 

Lyrical Lemonade's Carton NFT served as a key catalyst in their Web3 journey, revolutionizing the way they engaged with their fanbase. Through this digital collectible, fans gained access to a treasure trove of exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes footage of music videos, early access to unreleased tracks, and even coveted invitations to real-world events like the Summer Smash Festival. By leveraging blockchain technology, Lyrical Lemonade empowered their fans to immerse themselves in a world where their passion for hip-hop intersected with the groundbreaking possibilities of Web3. 

Helping Lyrical Lemonade Bring Rap to Web3 while Staying True to their DIY Independent Roots

The Challenge

Our collaboration with Lyrical Lemonade on their Web3 journey posed two significant challenges. Firstly, they wanted to ensure an authentic entry into the Web3 space without exploiting their fanbase. They consciously chose to limit the supply of their Carton NFT as a pilot program to learn and deliver genuine value to their early adopters. Secondly, coordinating access to the highly sought-after Summer Smash Festival based on NFT ownership presented logistical complexities.

Navigating these challenges required us to find innovative solutions that aligned with Lyrical Lemonade's values. It demanded a careful balance between entering Web3 authentically while maintaining a sense of exclusivity and reward for their dedicated fanbase. Additionally, coordinating festival access based on NFT ownership required a secure and efficient verification process to ensure only genuine NFT holders gained entry. By acknowledging these challenges and working closely with Lyrical Lemonade, we embarked on a journey to create a Web3 experience that would revolutionize fan interactions while preserving the integrity and authenticity of the brand.

How we solved the problem

Helping Lyrical Lemonade Bring Rap to Web3 while Staying True to their DIY Independent Roots

The Solution

To address the challenges faced by Lyrical Lemonade, our agency provided comprehensive solutions to help them successfully launch their Carton NFT collection. We began by developing an optimized smart contract that ensured the integrity and security of the NFTs. This smart contract facilitated seamless ownership verification and enhanced the overall functionality of the Carton NFTs. In addition, we built an efficient and responsive mint site specifically designed for the initial drop of the Carton NFTs. The mint site allowed fans to easily acquire their NFTs, providing a smooth and user-friendly experience catered to Lyrical Lemonade's brand identity.

To tokenize the utility of access to the Summer Smash Festival, we took a unique approach. We airdropped a separate NFT to Carton NFT holders, representing their exclusive access to the festival. This airdropped NFT served as a digital event pass tied to their NFT ownership, providing a seamless integration of the Web3 space with real-world experiences. We worked closely with a solution in the space that specialized in issuing event passes tied to NFT ownership, ensuring a secure and efficient process for granting festival access to Carton NFT holders. By implementing these solutions, we empowered Lyrical Lemonade to revolutionize their fan experience in the Web3 ecosystem. Our optimized smart contract, efficient mint site, and integration with a solution for event passes allowed Lyrical Lemonade to provide a seamless and valuable utility to their fans. This combination of technical expertise and innovative strategies enabled Lyrical Lemonade to successfully launch their Carton NFT collection and offer a unique, tokenized access to the highly sought-after Summer Smash Festival.

Client testimonial

"The Metaseed team has been nothing short of incredible to work with. We were fortunate to work together on our genesis collection and their ability to execute our exact vision on a tight timeline was second-to-none. Their expansive knowledge of on-chain possibilities combined with their understanding of music and media have made them the ideal partner for us. The L3MON team can’t wait to work with Metaseed again."

Tony Sudimac, Lyrical Lemonade