Case Study

IRL NFT Collectible Claim for IMAX Movie Theatre Chain


In a recent collaboration with IMAX to build a rewards MVP, we ventured into merging the worlds of cinema and blockchain technology. At the core of our collaboration was consulting them on the strategy and solutions architecture for building a web3 based system to redefine audience engagement. This revolutionary system offers movie-goers the ability to claim NFT-based tokens, serving as a tangible proof of their cinematic experience and giving our client on-chain, verifiable provenance of customer loyalty that they can choose to reward in the future. It also gives them a way to better understanding customer engagement across the current fragmented ticket distribution partners they work with.

IRL NFT Collectible Claim for IMAX Movie Theatre Chain

The Challenge

Clients ambition to intertwine the tangible experience of movie-watching with the digital realm presented multifaceted challenges:

  • Theatre Attendance Verification: Ensuring the user was physically present in the theatre during an active showtime. It was imperative that the system could distinguish genuine attendees from any potential misuse.
  • Active Showtime Coordination: Aligning the minting process with eligible showtimes, meaning tokens could only be claimed during specific windows, further reinforcing the exclusivity and validity of the collectible.
  • Title-specific Smart Contracts: Each movie title needed its dedicated smart contract, adding layers of complexity to the project. This specificity was crucial to ensure that tokens represented distinct cinematic experiences.
  • User-Friendly Wallet Creation: Integrating a mechanism to create wallets for users while ensuring that the intricacies of web3 remained hidden. This required a seamless onboarding experience for users unfamiliar with blockchain technology.
  • Simplified Authentication: Implementing a social login system, allowing users to access the platform without the hurdles typically associated with blockchain platforms.
  • Gasless Transactions: Crafting a system that eliminated gas fees for the user, ensuring a frictionless experience while claiming their tokens.
  • Automated Minting: Building an API that could trigger the minting process automatically upon verification of attendance, ensuring a smooth transition from the real-world experience to the digital token claim.

How we solved the problem

IRL NFT Collectible Claim for IMAX Movie Theatre Chain

The Solution

By leveraging the unique capabilities of blockchain technology, we conceptualized and deployed a prototype for this new system. Every time a viewer watches a movie, they are given a call to action to claim a unique NFT, which acts as both a proof of their attendance and a digital collectible. This not only incentivizes cinema attendance but also paves the way for a robust customer engagement platform. It allows our client to offer special promotions, exclusive content, and additional perks linked to these tokens, creating a dynamic and interactive platform for its patrons.

Client testimonial

"Collaborating with this team has been truly insightful. We approached with a vision, an aspiration to innovate within our industry. With their expertise, that initial idea evolved into a functional prototype, providing the architecture we needed. This foundation not only gave life to our concept but also facilitated our journey towards seeking crucial funding and strategic partnerships. Together, we've managed to weave the tactile essence of cinema with the digital sphere, offering our audiences a novel, engaging experience. It's a subtle yet impactful step towards the evolving future of cinematic engagement.”

VP Strategy + Innovation, Head of DTC
Tyler Simmons