Case Study

How Metaseed Helped Alien Frens Launch an Entire NFT Ecosystem


Metaseed Labs focused on developing a more interactive and dynamic approach to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for Alien Frens. In this project, we introduced features that allowed for complete customization of NFTs, enabling owners to personalize their digital assets in real-time during their UFO drop. All of the customizable traits were stored on-chain to ensure provenance.

In addition, we developed the Incubator NFT, which offered multiple utilities including the ability to be burnt and subsequently minted, offering users an opportunity to refresh their digital collections. We also incorporated dynamic images and metadata into our NFTs, creating potential for brand sponsorship and engagement with brands such as Atari and Liquid Death joining the collection. While these enhancements provided more options for users and sponsors, they were part of a broader evolution in the NFT space, as the technology continued to mature and adapt to market needs.

How Metaseed Helped Alien Frens Launch an Entire NFT Ecosystem

The Challenge

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have offered exciting opportunities for digital ownership, but Alien Frens expressed frustrations with the static and inflexible nature of these digital assets. They were seeking a more personalized and interactive NFT experience. Furthermore, they found that their NFT collections could quickly become outdated, with no simple mechanism to refresh or update their assets. Finally, they saw untapped potential for NFTs to better serve as platforms for brand engagement and sponsorship, but found current offerings limited in their ability to dynamically showcase such partnerships.

How we solved the problem

How Metaseed Helped Alien Frens Launch an Entire NFT Ecosystem

The Solution

Responding to these concerns, our project developed a more dynamic approach to NFTs, incorporating user-friendly customization features that enable NFT owners to modify their digital assets in real-time. This creates a more interactive and personalized NFT experience. We also introduced a unique mechanism that allows users to "burn" or retire their "Incubator" NFTs and mint new ones (Alien Frens Evolution) in exchange, enabling them to keep their collections up-to-date and vibrant. Finally, we incorporated dynamic images and metadata into our NFTs, providing potential for brand sponsorship. This allows NFTs to dynamically update and display their current sponsorship status, opening up new avenues for brand visibility and user engagement in the virtual realm.

Additional Utility: Customizable UFOs

Beyond the original collection and the Alien Frens Evolution collection, Alien Frens also dropped UFOs. These UFOs were offered as a free mint for holders, which allowed users to completely customize different elements of their UFOs via a user interface. All of the traits were stored on-chain, ensuring trust among community members that their NFTs' metadata would remain intact.

Client testimonial

"The Alien Frens collection owes much of its success to this incredible team. They have brought our vision to life with their advanced coding skills, creating an engaging and interactive platform that has captivated the hearts and minds of crypto enthusiasts all over the world. To anyone considering working with this exceptional team, we highly recommend them. They are not just skilled developers, but also passionate and dedicated individuals who truly care about their clients' success."

Sean Herron, Alien Frens